Clay Hands Gallery & Studio

About Us

Diane Lisle



I first experienced watching a lump of clay turning into a beautiful vessel on the potter’s wheel while obtaining a BFA in painting and sculpture at Kansas City Art Institute in 1970. I   choose the work in the gallery to represent a diverse selection of clay work sometimes calling it the “ice cream shop of pottery” as I continually bring in new flavors in the form of new artists and styles.   

My personal style in clay is very diverse working with different clays bodies like raku, stoneware, and porcelain and as many as 40 glazes and 4 different kilns. I strive to make each piece unique, not mass-produced.     

I’ve been in clay, literally and figuratively, for over 35 years and still feel “new” at it with all the experiments I do.  It’s a constant learning process, which is why I feel so fortunate to be a “clay person”.  I enjoy educating the public in the art of clay through my galleries.  It is such a wonderful medium that has been around for a very, very long time ~ just in recent history clay has exploded into many new forms.  It’s not just a vessel.  thought the potters were magicians and I wanted to be one too!  At that point dedicating myself to clay became my life’s passion. After becoming proficient I starting teaching pottery, selling my pottery at fairs and other galleries in Colorado, then in 1994 moved to Tubac and starting Clay Hands Gallery & Studio. My goal was to have a gallery dedicated just to clay.